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Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Although regulated and Licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Walden Day Care Centre is governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors which set goals, policies and fee structure etc.

Our Board is comprised of both community members and parents/guardians of children enrolled.  The Board operates on a 'governance model', setting broad guidelines and polices that determine the long-term direction of the agency and approves the overall budget for the operation of the facility.

As a charitable, non-profit organization, the agency is governed by a volunteer board of directors. The board is responsible for the over-all direction of the agency. The primary role is to develop policies and methods of monitoring and reporting, to ensure that the policies adopted are implemented in accordance with prior decisions and established goals.

Functions - 
1. Direct the organization according to the stated constitution and by-laws.
2. Formulate goals and objectives to the agency.
3. Evaluate regularly: policy development, program effectiveness, etc...
4. Plan for and acquire sufficient funding to operate the agency effectively.
5. Approve the agency's operating budget.
6. Be responsive to the founders and the community for the efficient management of funds.
7. Develop sound human resource policies, ensuring appropriate staffing levels are maintained.
8. Establish necessary working committees.
9. Have regular monthly board meetings.
10. Present a financial audit and report at the annual general meeting.

The Board Member - 
The maximum size for Walden Day Care Board of Directors is 12 members. These members are parents of children enrolled through the agency or interested community members.

Responsibilities -
1. Demonstrate a commitment to and understanding of the purpose, policies and programs of the agency.
2. To exercise board responsibilities with the best interest of the agency in mind.
3. Acquire an understanding of the agency's financial position.
4. Represent the agency in the community.

Functions -
1. To be actively involved in all board meetings.
2. To be actively involved in one or more board committees.
3. Know and understand the responsibilities and roles of the board and senior staff.
4. Support and participate in fund-raising.
5. To participate in all functions of the board (i.e.: board recruitment, planning, evaluating, and providing resources, etc... )


Currently we have spaces available on our Board.

If you are interested in joining this progressive team, please apply by contacting Mary-Lou at 692-9719 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Our Board of Directors

  • Rene Caruso - Chairperson
  • Anita Therrien - Treasurer/Secretary
  • Mary-Lou Coffey - Ex-officio
  • Karen Strain - Director
  • Ashley Ceaser - Director
  • Angela Bradley - Director

CLICK HERE to  apply to the Walden Day Care Centre Board of Directors