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A little about the Walden Day Care Centre

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index.3Walden Day Care Centre began its operations at 5 Westview Crescent in Lively in the summer of 1989.  It was established by a group of concerned citizens who saw a non-profit, charitable childcare facility to be a definite need in their community. Although regulated and licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, WDCC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which set goals, policies and fee structure etc.  This Board is made up of parents, and interested community members.

It was originally licensed for 30 children ages 2.5 – 5 years.  Over the next 5 years the agency continued to grow it was becoming more and more evident that we were outgrowing our Westview location.   On October 31, 1994 our facility relocated to a beautiful spacious log building on a rural setting on 2 acres at 500 Niemi Rd., in Lively, just up the road from our original site. This property was purchased by Walden Day care and the necessary renovations were due largely to the volunteer talents of our board, staff, families and the community at large.  Within this move came the expansion of our licensed capacity which was increased to 30 Toddlers, 40 Preschoolers, 20 Junior Kindergartens and 70 School Aged children.  Over the past couple of years the province of Ontario has introduced its Best Start Initiative.  As a result Walden Day Care is now in a partnership with many of the local schools providing a variety of services specific to each schools detailed in the "Programs Offered" section.

We also work closely with Child Care Resources (CCR) a non-profit community agency which provides many services and supports to parents, children and professionals to enhance and support a good quality of life for children in the early years and those with special needs. You can visit them at .