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During Toddlerhood adults are the primary influence in a child’s life.  They provide a safe base from which a child can explore. They explain the world and give meaning to their experiences.

By talking and listening, adults help toddlers to develop vital communication skills.  Although they often play independently along side one another, children this age do make friends and they are beginning to learn to live together.

For this reason the Walden Day Care staff believe that a strong team approach, involving educators and parents, is vital in providing quality care for your child.

Our staff are qualified, Registered Early Childhood Educators, who are attentive, caring and knowledgeable.

They are available in the morning or afternoon to discuss your child’s day, and to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Our staff use a daily message book to record information from parents ie. “Jason didn’t sleep well last night” or “Jake didn’t have very much breakfast this morning.”  This allows all our staff to be familiar with your child’s happenings and be consistent in their approach.

  • A parent’s bulletin board is available in the playroom with news items, menus, upcoming events etc. posted, so please keep an eye out for the latest info.
  • Each child will receive their own locker with a ‘pocket’ on the inside of the door for newsletters and creative masterpieces to take home, as well as a summary of their day.
  • Under the change table is a container for each child with their picture on it.  Please keep this bucket supplied with diapers and an extra set of clothes.
  • Our toddler room washroom is very accessible to the playroom making toilet training easier to accomplish.Our children are in varying stages of this process, so please communicate with the educators when you feel your child is ready for this step and we will work together towards this milestone.

Sleep time is a quiet relaxing time.

  • The children each have their own labeled bed set out in the same place everyday to allow them to become familiar with the situation.
  • Linen is washed on a weekly basis.
  • Lights are turned low, blinds are closed, soft music is played and very soon our active little people are down for a much needed nap.
  • Children who have difficulty settling at first, have their backs rubbed and a rocking chair is always available for cuddling.
  • Special blankets, soothers and or cuddling toys are welcomed too, if that is part of the sleep time routine at home.
  • Bottles are not encouraged, however our educators are flexible and will ensure that the transition between home and daycare is as smooth as possible.

Typical Toddler’s Day

A typical toddler’s day consists of structured and unstructured activities some that they initiate and some that the educator initiate.

  • Their day is a balance of indoor and outdoor play, quiet and active play, and individual and small group play.
  • The children follow a daily routine that includes free play, washroom routines, snack, circle, lunch, sleep time, creative activities and outside time.
  • The ‘sequence’ of these routines remain constant allowing the children the ability to predict and become familiar with their routine.

"We encourage you to communicate with our educators on a regular basis to ensure your toddlers childcare experience is one that meets their needs in every way".