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We’ve all heard the saying, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”, and the Board, management and staff of Walden Day Care believe that this is particularly true for children. But in this age of fast food, highly processed ingredients and many unfamiliar and unhealthy additives we recognize it’s becoming more of a challenge for families to eat in a healthful way.

At Walden Day Care we are fully committed to providing your child/children with a ‘back to basics’ menu of delicious, homemade, nutritious foods. White flour, white sugar, and a microwave are just some the things you WON’T find in our kitchen. However, we choose to dwell more on what you WILL find in it…tasty recipes that include fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and organic herbal teas to name a few!

As in our homes, kitchens play a vital role in everyday life. We are sincerely committed to ensuring our children not only ‘eat’ in a healthful way but also ‘learn’ the benefits of good food. Our kitchen has been designed with a separate area to allow for small groups of children to help…maybe in preparing afternoon snack or even just enjoying their favourite ‘apple parties’ there.

In short our nutrition program is designed to provide your children with the nutrient rich foods necessary to promote the optimum in child growth and development!

Click here to check out a one week sample menu.

"Fruity Thanksgiving Turkey"                                                   "Healthy Mr. Bones"


Congratulations on Walden Day Care’s new nutrition initiative and the intent to help inform and equip our young children to lead healthy lives from early on. A supportive food environment has been identified as a key direction within the Ontario Government’s Healthy Kids Strategy: No Time to Wait.
Food safety goes hand in hand with a successful nutrition program and the Sudbury & District Health Unit public health inspectors are available to work with you to ensure important safety measures are in place.

Thank you for your work in increasing our children’s understanding and skills related to healthy eating.

Dr. P. Sutcliffe

Medical Officer of Health & Chief Executive Officer

Sudbury & District Health Unit

"Eat Local Sudbury is thrilled to partner up with Walden Day Care  to help source and supply healthy locally grown ingredients for the kitchen staff to get creative with! The Staff at the Walden daycare are clearly a dynamic and energetic team that has demonstrated their eagerness to experiment with preparing whole foods in the healthiest way possible. We were very impressed to see them go so far as to include the children in food preparation and even serve herbal teas as a healthy alternative to juice, which as we know, even in its purest form has a high fructose content. Assisting local child care services using local and organic foods in their own menus is very stimulating for our team and gladly part of our mandate. The Walden Day Care-Eat Local Co-op partnership is prime example of this beautiful synergy."
Antoine Tremblay Beaulieu
Sales and Logistics Coordinator
Eat Local Sudbury Co-operative

"My husband and I would like to applaud the Walden Day Care for initiating their  “New Nutritional Menu”. This approach of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats is an excellent idea.
Our lives are so busy with the everyday activities, that is  easy to fall victim to the “fast food” approach.  We feel that it is

very important as parents to inform our children to make good choices
with healthy foods  and WDCC has made this approach easier and fun by involving them in the process."
Jennifer and Terry Giroux – “parents”

"I am very grateful for the homemade meals and cooking implemented at Walden Day Care. It is so sweet to see your children mix their own pancakes and pick their own fruits for their morning smoothie.
I walk in every morning , reminding me of a smell from Grandmas place, thanks to the wonderful cooks.
Thank you to the educators and management for helping our family with the transition of being apart, to being like “home away from home”."

Michelle Jones – “mom”

"I am very pleased to hear of a local daycare that is making such enormous efforts to feed children healthy meals and snacks.  I often wonder if children in daycares ate healthy nutritious meals rather than convenient foods, if the spread of illnesses within daycares would decrease….interesting??  You are doing a wonderful service for these children"
Sylvia Marasco - Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

**The current weeks menu is posted in your child’s playroom…check it out!!