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Generally Speaking

The First Day Outdoor Play
Drop-Off and Pick-Up Discipline
Parent Information Serious Occurrence Notification Form Posting Policy
Field Trips What to Wear to Day Care

The First Day -

At Walden Day Care Centre, we appreciate that as parents of a young child recently registered in one of our programs, you are probably asking yourself many questions.

  • Will my child be happy there?
  • What if he/she cries?
  • What do I do if he/she doesn't want me to leave?
  • How long should I stay when dropping him/her off?

Your child is extremely sensitive to your feelings and he/she will know if you have doubts, whether you express them directly or not. For their sake and for yours, it's important that you believe in what you're doing and do your best to resolve your own feelings before you start out.

Prior to your child's starting date, you and your child are welcome to come in and visit the playroom and the perspective educators.

When the starting date arrives, your educator will show your child their special space, and where extra clothes go. Children like knowing where their special spot is.

How long should you stay? That depends on your child. Some children feel comfortable enough from their first visit or visits, while others need a little more reassuring.

When you are ready to leave, give your child to the educator (rather than the educator taking the child from the parent). By doing this you are telling your child that this is a person that you trust. It is also a good idea to put that message into words too: "You can go with Rebecca now, she'll take good care of you". If you sneak out after they are interested in an activity, your child won't trust you out of his/her sight again. They need to know that you are going and that you will be back. As soon as you say you're going, go! Otherwise they will pick up on your hesitation and hang on to you for dear life. If you're insecure when you leave, you are giving your child the message that you're uncomfortable with this environment.

You have to give them the reassurance that this is a safe place, and that they'll have a good day. The best way to do that is to say, "See you later", and go with a cheery face.

Throughout the day, call the Educator as often as you need to, in order to feel comfortable.

Children love to have their whole family involved. Going to day care becomes more of a reality to your child when important people in their life share in the new experience. Your Educator would love to have a visit from extended family members or special friends when your child is ready.

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Drop-Off and Pick-Up -

A parent-authorized person must accompany your child into the day care and sign him/her in on the computer. The Educator will greet you and your child. Each child will be assigned a space for their personal belongings with their name on it.

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Parent Information -

In each program we have a "bulletin board" to inform parents of special events and also a number of pamphlets that you may find informative. Our office door is always open and staff is available to answer questions and concerns. Invoices can also be e-mailed. Please ensure that we have your proper e-mail address upon enrolment.

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Field Trips - (For the older children)


Excursions will be made off the day care property. They may be trips to visit people or places of interest, to become familiar with the day care or neighbourhood environment, trips to look at trees, flowers, fire halls, animals, stores - all kinds of experiences. When transportation is necessary, the child will be bused. You will be asked to fill out permission forms allowing your child to leave the day care premises under supervision of
educators for field trips. A few days prior to the outing you will be informed of the plans and asked to sign a permission form (located on the counter by the computer). If you do not wish your child to participate in a particular outing, just inform one of the educators and he/she can stay at the centre.


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Outdoor Play -

An important part of every program is outdoor activities. The children play outside daily, weather permitted. The Junior Preschool and Preschool playground is a large fenced in area with a bicycle path, sandbox, and grassed areas and a new climber. School Readiness children enjoy a playground with much the same surfaces as Preschoolers. The paved area allows for hopscotch, roller blading, skipping, etc... The Toddlers have their own fenced-in playground on the side of the building, including a sandbox, woodchips and deck area to provide shade. Our side playgrounds have flowerbeds and gardens, allowing children to roll up their sleeves and try out their green thumbs.

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Discipline -

The method of discipline utilized at the Walden Day Care Centre is redirection. If a child is having a difficult time, he/she is encouraged to `talk' to the person(s) involved to try and resolve the problem. This depends on the age group. If the words don't work or emotions are running a little high, then a "time-out" is used as a last resort. In this method, the child is removed from the immediate situation but remains close by, accompanied by an adult, until ready to discuss the situation. If the child is very upset and poses a danger to him/herself or others, then he/she is removed from the room and given some "additional space" in our quiet room, always in the presence of an adult. Once calmed, the situation is discussed and the child is welcomed back to the playroom. Our method of "going to the source" works well and encourages children to resolve their own problems with words.

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Serious Occurrence Notification Form Posting Policy-

All Licensed child care programs are responsible for delivering services that promote the health, safety and well-being of all children. Child care operators are accountable to the public and to the ministry to demonstrate that their services are consistent with relevant legislation, regulations, and policies.

“Serious Occurrence” reporting is one of many tools that provide licensed child care programs with an effective means of monitoring the appropriateness and quality of service delivery. Monitoring includes an ongoing review of practices, procedures, and training needs.

O. Reg. 262 under The Day Nurseries Act (DNA) provides that every operator shall ensure that,

A) There are written policies and procedures with respect to serious occurrences in each day nursery operated by the operator.

B) A program advisor is notified of any serious occurrence in any day nursery operated by the operator within twenty-four hours of its happening.

Effective November 1, 2011 WDCC will post all Serious Occurrence (S.O.) Notification Forms in a conspicuous place for parents to view for a minimum of 10 business days. Center Base S.O.’s will be posted near the Child Care License and License Summary Board located in the board room off the office. Off-sites will be posted at each specific site on the Parent Board. The S.O. Notification Form will be updated as the Executive Director/Program Supervisor or designate takes additional actions or investigations are complete.

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What to Wear to Day Care -

We recommend clothing that is comfortable and easily washed. Clothes that your Preschooler can easily put on and take off is also helpful. A complete change of clothing in the event of playground or playroom spills or accidents is necessary, and of course toddlers need lots of extras too. Please dress the children with our outdoor program in mind. In summer, hats, bathing suits and towels are necessary. Spring and fall bring splash pants, rubber boots, etc... And winter sliding is only fun if snowsuits are accompanied by hats, mitts, and warm boots!!! All of your children's clothing and belongings must be labelled clearly with your child's name. The following will give you some insight into our situation...

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Children have treasures that all look the same,
So every treasure must have a name.
If you go downtown or some place like that,
You can buy some name tags to sew in his hat,
His sweater, his coat and his mittens too.
Also, please put his name in each shoe.
Then we'll send them home with nothing lost,
All buttoned up, in snow or in frost.
And a great big thanks will come to you--
From the staff, the children, and mom and dad too!